Sira Jokinen Lisse och Danko Lisse
Baltic sea Visions


Young people in the Baltic Sea Region telling their visions how to create a future through a sustainable development.

A project involving cultural experience and stimulation aimed at inspiring for awareness and commitment to environmental issues among young people around the Baltic Sea. The objective is increased understanding, competence and activity, expandeed efforts for sustainable development with human collaboration and a long-range vision.

The Baltic Sea Visions

a global example

The Baltic Sea is our unifying water. Historically it has united, rather than separated. The flourishing cultural ties of the past are something we now have the oportunity to re-create. There must be no contamination of this, our common water. We shall therefore gather around a common theme, with common interests, for a common future. We do this in the "Baltic Sea Visions" project. The problems that the Baltic Sea has to contend with are in no way unique.

A young people´s project-  A cultural project

An environmental project- A project for democracy


A project where young people aged between 15 and 20 through active sharing of contacts, common stimulation and personal initiatives, seek knowledge, formulate this and convey their message. A book, a film, a CD, a musical performance, a photographic and an art exbition will be produced under professional guidance. The project will include a number of seminars, lectures and excursions where young people can get involvet in various issues, meeting scientists, politicians and other important persons. The proyect involves both the fundamental study work and the practical production and, last but not leasr, participation in the follow-up task of reaching out to futher groups.

The process of using culture as a tool for expression in a cause of the outmost importance to all generations provides both better insight into the subject and experience of culture work in relation to society. It is ultimately a question of democracy througt the rigth to free speech and the participation of young people in the social and a sustainable development.

Cultural institutions and professionales

Throughout the project, cultural intitutions and artists in every country will contribute with knowledge and experience. This is not, however, a matter of one-way knowledge transfer, but also of the young people sharing their knowledge and desires.


During the course of the the project other conferences will be held: internatioally and nationally. We shall present "Baltic Sea Visions" as a pilot project. We shall explain the underlying thoughts, purposes and aims - that is to allow cultural activity to become a tool and a course of inspiration for an enduring environmental commitment and a means of influence. Here, we shall emphasise the importance of human interaction and the potential of the model to be transferred to other areas in varying situations, in other countries.


Centre for Youth Cooperation & Mobility, Gdynia, Poland

The Archipelago Cultural Centre Sunnan, Korpo, Finland

Kulturelle Filmförderung Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Klaipeda Stasys Simkus Conservatoire, Lithuania

Zelenogradsk Secondary School, Kaliningrad

Estonian Young Nature Association, Tallinn

Musikintitutet-Mit, Torsås, Sweden

Torsås Gymnasium, Sweden

Bornholms Gymnasium, Denmark

Nature Watch Baltic

Klaipeda University, Lithuania

Baltic Sea Visions

is initiated and organised by: Eureka, Vickleby, Sweden. phone: +46 (0)48536660 // e-mail:


Project Leader: Sira Jokinen Lisse


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